Ashwagandha/Withania Somniferum:

    Ashwagandha improves the fertility and the sperm count. If you suffer from low libido, this is the best herb for you. Ashwagandha is known as sex-enhancing plant. Impotency can also be treated by regular use of this natural herb. It also helps in boosting the energy levels. You can use this medicine for restoring sexual vigor and function.

    It also helps to relieve stress. People suffering from depression should consume this regularly to enjoy the benefits.

    Kuth / Saussurea lappa:

    Kuth is beneficial for preventing respiratory problems like cough, asthma, bronchitis, etc. It possesses aphrodisiac properties. Diarhrhea and dysentry can also be prevented by regular use of kuth. It maintains normal functioning of the body.

    Several sexual problems can be treated by using kuth. It strengthens erections and enhances sexual performance. Men who have low libido can use kuth and improve libido and maximize the sexual drive. The stamina of the body also increases. It stimulates nervous and sexual system. You would notice that your sexual drive gets boosted when you start using kuth.

    Jatamansi / Nardostachys Jatamansi:

    If you suffer from sexual problems, jatamansi is the best product. It also helps to calm the nerves. Impotency can also be treated by Jatamansi. It suppresses body weakness and makes you feel alert. It prevents hyperacidity and abdominal pain also. It is beneficial in treating insomnia. It boosts the sexual energy too. If you are having problems because of over masturbation, this is the best herb for you.

    Bari Kateli / Solanum indicum:

    It possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Fever and diarrhea can also be prevented by this natural herb. It is known to be beneficial in treating peptic ulcers. Bari kateli helps to strengthen the erections and prevent various sexual problems. Males suffering from lack of sexual stamina should make use of bari kateli. You would be able to perform better in bed. It makes your sexual life enjoyable. Bari kateli heightens the sexual drive and makes you feel energetic. Bari Kateli is known as the best sexual enhancement herb that improves libido in men. It makes you feel confident.

    Shatavari / Asparagus racmosus:

    It is known to be a natural fertility enhancement herb. Men suffering from infertility should make use of this herb and get rid of it. Shatavari is known to be beneficial in preventing several sexual problems in men. It boosts the sexual drive and makes you perform better.

    Til Oil / Sesame / Sesamum indicum:

    Sesame maintain the normal testosterone levels in men. It improves the sperm count too. It enhances the sexual power and sex drive. Sexual debility can also be prevented by use of this herb. It also helps to treat impotency. Regular use of this product helps to increase the hormonal levels and boosts the sexual drive in men.

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